Drink to your health

I’m 28 years old. I have an autoimmune disease and as of Saturday evening, high cholesterol. Let’s stop and think about this. I’m not even 30 and I have desecrated my body so terribly with genetics, fried food and sugar that I have high cholesterol. I’ve figured out that doctors are far more afraid of high cholesterol than they are my thyroid disease, with good reason I suppose. It can cause stroke, heart disease and diabetes and since my family genes are so good, I already have a good chance of all of that anyway. (Yay genetics!)

So it appears that my love affair with fried foods, sugars, saturated fats and cholesterol must end. My days of ignoring the labels and going with what looks healthy are over. This past weekend, I pored over labels at the grocery store with my mom trying to figure out what I could have and what I can’t. Turns out, some of the stuff that they recommend for heart health (looking at you Quaker Oatmeal) have saturated fats. Who knew?

On Sunday, I started my “sugar detox.” I don’t know if I just haven’t hit the fun stage yet or if my addiction wasn’t as bad as I thought but so far the headaches have been nonexistent (minus tonight when I bumped my head on Izzi’s top bunk) and even the fatigue hasn’t been overwhelming. Dare I say? I have some energy. Monday was the worst so far in terms of fatigue. I looked like an extra from The Walking Dead and that’s being kind. I’ve tried to stay hydrated which I’ve heard helps. The worst craving I had was after we went to Bagger Dave’s. My meal was so dissatisfying that I immediately wanted something sugary after I put Izzi to bed. (I fought it off with my bare hands!)

I’m not writing this post to lecture you on the dangers of your evil eating ways. On the contrary, i’m envious but in a strange way, I’m so proud of myself. I can go at least 5 days without sweets and fried foods. I’m not saying that it will never touch my lips again (that’s silly, I’m having donuts at my wedding!) but I am saying that I’m trying harder to be better to me.

So right now, I’m sitting here with a cup of unsweetened decaf tea, taking small sips (pretending it tastes good) because I know that it’s a step towards better health. A step towards being able to have enough energy to write and play more. Or at least not fall asleep at random.

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One thought on “Drink to your health

  1. Go you! Also, its so weird to read this now. I was told I have high cholesterol on Wednesday.

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