With Gratitude, Stephanie

Thanksgiving is Thursday and despite the ever growing to-do list that my husband is so awesome at creating, I’m sitting down and writing during my lunch hour. I haven’t written since late October and that was cathartic and truly inspiring for me. This piece is different. Writing is a muscle and since the rest of my muscles are looking meager at best, I thought I should take a minute and flex this one.

Many of my customers are receiving thank you cards this week and all end “With Gratitude, Stephanie.” As I wrote out the first one, I racked my brain searching for something to end the card with besides “sincerely” or “best wishes” or “thank you.” They all seemed generic and unfitting of my sentiment. Especially to those customers that have been there from Day 1. Customers that began as friends of my parents that I am so grateful to call friends of my own. Customers that bought a single lipstick, just to encourage me on my Mary Kay endeavor. Customers that had no idea what they were buying into when they purchased product from me. I cannot thank you enough for the confidence that you have given me to pursue the goals that I have, both professionally and personally, just by buying into me.

I spent a good bit of the past year feeling lost and hopeless. I felt great at the end of last month then Veteran’s Day hit. I’ve found that holiday to be particularly difficult for me to handle since Dad died. He didn’t have very long to be celebrated for the purpose he chose in life by those that never knew him personally. There’s a good bit of anger there that bubbles up when I think about that. As angry as that makes me, I feel grateful to have had a father like him. Grateful and deeply wounded having lost him when I wasn’t ready. More importantly, when HE wasn’t ready. Still I’m grateful.

Grateful that I’ve made friends with his friends. Grateful that I can tell Izzi stories about him and introduce her to the music of Queen, Journey, Meatloaf, and Bon Jovi. Grateful to spend time with my family, even if it’s just trips to Sam’s Clubs “for lunch.” Grateful to host Thanksgiving and Christmas. Grateful to be here, where I am in life, because it’s only going to last a second.

That said. This Thanksgiving as you’re saying grace, soaking your taters in gravy, or chowing down on some Turkey, remember that gratitude makes fear impossible. Gratitude is the reason some people won’t be home for the holiday and gratitude makes living worthwhile. I am so grateful for you.

With Gratitude, Stephanie


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