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About a month ago, I picked up a book called “300 Writing Prompts” in an effort to get back into the habit of writing on a somewhat regular basis. Today, I actually opened it and one of the ideas that struck a cord was this prompt: Describe something that requires your patience today. That made me laugh out loud. Ordinarily I would have had some smart response about my daughter pushing buttons or being 4 but today that’s not it.

I find myself struggling to be patient with those that call themselves adults. People that are inconsiderate to the needs or wants of others. People that leave things broken in their wake and continue on without a care in the world. Don’t get me wrong. Adulting is hard, and it requires work like most anything else in life. At what point though do we begin to hold people accountable for their actions and decisions to emotionally destroy others? When do we decide that adults need to behave as such and it is no longer our responsibility to care for them as we did when they were children? Why are so many silent when others carry on like fools?

I get it though. Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. Perhaps you’re one of those people that have tried to talk sense into a particularly irresponsible human being disguising themselves as an adult. You’re exhausted. Constantly battling the traits of narcissism can damage one’s sense of peace, self confidence and world view. Eventually you give up, not only on them, but yourself as well. What’s so wrong with you that you can’t fix them?

Today, I want you to transfer that patience that you’ve been dedicating to the 4 year olds traipsing around as adult and gift it to yourself. Applaud your ability to love without borders, then love yourself enough to create them. Praise how far you’ve come despite whoever has discouraged your progress and KEEP GOING. Be patient with your success because I promise it will come. Wish them well and walk away. Give yourself the ability to be patient with your children, pets, spouse, extended family and occupation. You are worth it.

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Turning 1.

We’ve survived.

It’s almost an anthem for new parents. Bringing home that sweet baby from the hospital is single-handedly one of the most challenging things a person can do. All you can think about is sleep, the fact that it seems to slip through your fingers like sand at the beach. While you’re missing sleep, perhaps at times the life you had prior to parenthood, the days are passing quickly. Pretty soon baby is 1 week old, 1 month old… a year old.

I’m planning my daughter’s birthday and I’m struggling with how fast time has gone. Darius Rucker (formerly of Hootie and the Blowfish) sings a song* about how time flies during parenthood, a song I loved right up until this moment. Until I realized, he’s right. This doesn’t last forever. Hold your breath, savor every bit of babyhood. The midnight feedings, sleep deprivation, her falling asleep in your arms as you lightly pat her back and whisper comforting words. I feel guilty that I wished for the days when she would just get bigger! Just big enough so that she would sleep through the night – so I could sleep longer than 2 hours at a time, so I… (finish the sentence with whatever you please, you get the point.)

So, she’s turning 1. Maybe this will be enough to remember to savor every snuggle, every time her little hands reach for me, or she leans her head to rest it on mine because a stranger has said hello. Maybe this will be enough to remember to celebrate her, to celebrate our family daily. Maybe this will be enough to remember that the best rewards are the ones you work the hardest to accomplish. She’s turning one.

*It Won’t Be Like This For Long – Darius Rucker

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