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What’s your word?

For those of you that don’t know, my Mary Kay Unit has their meetings on Monday nights. This week was no exception and being January 2nd of a brand new  year, we discussed goal setting. My director handed out a sheet outlining questions to ask yourself when setting goals; all pretty standard (no less difficult but standard). The last question threw me through a loop.

What do you want your 2017 word to be?

  Huh? Just one word. I sat for a good while, trying to come up with a SINGLE WORD. Not a phrase. ONE WORD. (If this doesn’t seem difficult to you, try it and let me know what you come up with and what tools you used to do so.)

The first word I came up with was “adjust.” Not a bad word to describe something but it wasn’t the way I wanted 2017 to feel. It needed force. It needed to be constant. It needed to be able to withstand storms and sunny days. Strong breezes and sticky humidity without movement. Then it hit me.

My word for 2017 would be TIDAL.

   Consider the ocean and it’s tides. It drives everything around it. It’s constant, always coming in and going out, each time with the opportunity to do it all again. With the constant change in weather, the opportunity for new challenges and strategies arise, giving rise to the best of inventions and determination.

  My love and desperate need to be near water should have pushed this word to the forefront of my brain immediately but that wouldn’t have required creative and critical thinking. My Mary Kay business connects me to Dad, who loved and respected the ocean as much as I do so here we are. Another connection in spite of his absence.

    Big goals need big force, consistency and the willingness to always push through the biggest catastrophes. I have big goals this year. I have to embrace the tide and be willing to become TIDAL.

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